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June 14, 2008
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Freedom of the Inner Spirit by SHADOWPRIME Freedom of the Inner Spirit by SHADOWPRIME
I missed the first deadline for this and the final deadline is today so I am realllly cutting it close with this pic, but heck its here, my contribution to the wonderful collaboration made possible by collab-da :iconcollab-da:

On this I was put together with two amazing artists which happen to be :icondannscreations: and :iconmarauderforever:, DAnnsCreations making the necklace which I photoshopped into my part and the original can be viewed here [link] and the basis for the character and glowly lighty designs are courtesy of marauderforever who's original lineart can be viewed here [link]

My part of this collab was the digital aspect, and as always I used the trusty program photoshop, what I did here was slightly tweak marauderforever's character and designs and added the colours and epic glowyness.

The idea behind this is that the key which is a part of the necklace has opened up the door to the girl's inner spirit and its now flowing out in a somewhat physical form.

My part on this is that I believe the inner spirit to be of another plane of existence like an astral plane or something like can thank transformers' Primus for that I made it seem like a spacey environment, anyway I hope you like it ^^ considering I managed to do this in two hours YES two hours, but now the cramp in my hand has returned so I'm going to stop typing now.
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It's really amazing what you ere able to do with what you had! 0_0
grim-zitos Jun 22, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
cool bro love the way u did the background nice man
stunning *_*
I really like what you did with both their sides... you brought them together very nicely, and tied it up with a digital string of epic flair.
The way you did the lines and glowyness, crossed with the contrasting bg...
It makes me want to appreciate every line and the way it flows, honestly. ^3^
Thanks for giving me some inspiration!
Thanks man ^^

Well appreciate it man, since it was made to be appreciated XD Man I am so glad I found out about how to use glow, its been an absolute life saver and is fun to boot.

I gave you inspiration, well then use it well my son, use it well! =D
DAnnsCreations Jun 17, 2008  Professional Artisan Crafter
Fantastic, you said that only took a couple hours :wow: How wonderful, I love this :icondancedanceplz: :icongivemesmilesplz:
Indeed it took me a couple of hours, but this was one of my fastest pieces since I wanted to get it done for the deadline, was kinda like O_O when I heard they extended it =D

Glad you love it ^^ btw will you be joining in the next collab?
DAnnsCreations Jun 20, 2008  Professional Artisan Crafter
I was thinking about it... :icondancedanceplz: How about you, didn't you say you had finished your exams? :D
You did a Great job :iconnewglomp:
Yup I finished my exams and I'll be joining the next collab too ^^
DAnnsCreations Jun 20, 2008  Professional Artisan Crafter
:icondancedanceplz: :iconpyrodanceplz:
KaiKai217 Jun 16, 2008
Thats really cool!:w00t:
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